lance brown art


Art arouses the senses while captivating and inviting observers to think, dream, visualize, wonder, and feel. As an artist, I have the ability to bring something from nothing into existence. There’s a very spiritual connection. I realize my potential to evoke emotion and capture the viewer’s attention with vibrant colors that emerge among a contrast of direction and texture. When I create, I lose myself in my work. It’s good to have a creative outlet...a way to get away and help others do the same.




My Mission as a Christian Artist

In 2009 I began my humble journey to glorify God with my artwork. Little did I know it would take me across the world. As God led me, I became a speed painter creating Jesus Paintings on stage for various events. My mission is to minister to people where ever God allows me to go. Whenever…where ever God wants to use me… I’ll be ready.” Click here to view my Jesus Speed Paintings website

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